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October 5, 2019
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November 3, 2019

REVIEW – ANA Suite Lounge – Tokyo Haneda (HND) Gate 110

ANA Suite lounge HND

ANA Suite Lounge
HND – Tokyo Haneda

  • Class: First
  • Access:
    • First Class Passengers on Star Alliance Carriers
      • Inbound ANA First Class passengers connecting on Star Alliance within 24h
    • ANA Diamond card holders
    • ANA Million mile card holders
  • Date visited: October 2019


ANA Suite lounge HND

Unlike the private, black marble clad room in Narita ANA’s First Class check in at Haneda airport is just a roped area within the regular bank of check-in counters.

During check-in I was informed that there are two similar ANA Suite (First Class) Lounges and that I should use the one at gate 110 since this was the one that my flight was departing from.


The Lounge

ANA Suite lounge HND

Taking an escalator up from a doorway opposite gate 110 I came to a lobby area with the entrance to the Suite Lounge ahead of me and the Business Class lounge to the left of it.

After having my boarding pass checked at the reception by the door I was directed to make my way down a hallway and into a further greeting area within the lounge. It was here that I was greeted and told that I would have “no privacy and no seats”, if I opted to head left to the room with the runway views. I was instead guided to take a seat in a rather bleak room with a low ceiling and countless old fashioned black leather chairs.

Nothing about this experience was First Class so far. Especially when compared to ANA’s arch rival JAL, who have an absolutely superb First Class lounge just a few metres away.

ANA Suite lounge HND

I almost didn’t bother reviewing this lounge given that I had to resort to pictures on my phone. The place was so crowded that I really didn’t want to be taking shots with a full frame camera, making people feel awkward. However I felt that it was my duty to document how bad this place is so that others will not make the mistake of visiting.

ANA Suite lounge HND

After taking my seat I was approached by a server who offered me a warm towel and asked if she could get me a drink. I asked for an extra strong cappuccino which she made perfectly.

After drinking my coffee I headed over to the buffet section at the back of the room, every single counter seat and was taken and the buffet itself was overrun with people piling up their plates. It was rather like being on safari, waiting in the wings to line up my perfect shots as the stampede made its way past me.

ANA Suite lounge HND
ANA Suite lounge HND
ANA Suite lounge HND
ANA Suite lounge HND

The drinks selection was decidedly bottom shelf: where JAL has Hibiki and Yamazaki whiskies, ANA serves the Chita. BA manages to serve both Ciroc and Grey Goose vodkas in their First Class lounge in Heathrow, which puts this offering of Smirnoff firmly into context. 

ANA Suite lounge HND

At least the coffee machine is decent.

ANA Suite lounge HNDThe noodle bar offers a variety of hot dishes made to order.
ANA Suite lounge HND
ANA Suite lounge HND

The centrepiece of the buffet offering. A selection of salads and cheeses.

ANA Suite lounge HND

Soups and pastries

The other side of the lounge, facing the tarmac, had an almost identical buffet. Since half the items were out of stock in the main buffet area, I snapped a pic of the remaining items on the other side.

ANA Suite lounge HND

Cereal and Japanese breakfast staples: rice, fish roe, omelette, pickles and grilled fish.

I waited for half an hour in the bleak room, watching as even more people piled in. Thing were getting bad. I was slightly anxious that any minute now an elderly Japanese businessman was going to matter of factly come over to me, stating the words “double seat policy” before proceeding to methodically sit on me.

Then all of a sudden something incredible happened. People started vacating their seats.

ANA Suite lounge HND

An empty seat! I guess I should probably mention that these seats all have power sockets and a personal table with space for a carry-on underneath.

I took my chance and quickly rushed to the room with the views:

ANA Suite lounge HND

Rather uninspired and tired looking decor

ANA Suite lounge HND

This area features numerous cubicle style seats as well as comfy chairs facing the taxiway.

ANA Suite lounge HND

The cubicles feature personal screens with headphones and comfy chairs with footstools should you wish to take a quick nap.

ANA Suite lounge HND
ANA Suite lounge HND

I took an empty seat and was promptly offered another hot towel and drink.

ANA Suite lounge HND

Despite the lacklustre offering within, I definitely enjoyed the views outside this lounge.



After a rather lacklustre experience at the ANA Suite lounge in Narita a few years back I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this lounge.

I set the bar low and this facility under delivered with aplomb.

The lounge is a seething mass of people. The food offering is below the standard you’d expect of a 3 star hotel, the drinks selection appears to have been lifted from a student flat and the furniture looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1986.

Friendly service and hot towels though… so that’s something.


  1. Max says:

    The 2nd ANA Lounge in Haneda is atleast a little bit better but still underwhelming.

  2. Victor says:

    In February of 2019, I have been to these First class lounges at Haneda. Absolutely horrible! Huge amount of people, no seats available, terrible food. Stools at the work desks are bolted in, and are for thin people. You will not be able to sit in them if you are a little bit chubby. Enormous crowd at the food station – Locust. On the way to Asia, there were no seats available in those little individual booths, plus I had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated at the restaurant. Those were the worst First Class Lounges I have ever visited.

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