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August 20, 2018
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REVIEW – Sala VIP Miró lounge – Barcelona (BCN T1)

Sala VIP Miró
BCN – Barcelona: Terminal 1

  • Class: Third Party, Business and First
  • Access:
    • First and Business Class Passengers on non-Schengen flights
    • Priority Pass
    • Paid Access: €30
  • Date visited: September 2016


BCN miro lounge vip

There aren’t a whole load of lounge options at BCN T1. In fact, if you’re on a non-Shengen flight, this is it. As you can see from the sign, pretty much every airline and credit card is welcome here.

BCN miro vip lounge

The reception area is very spacious and the floor to ceiling windows and light floor really help to open the space up, giving a good first impression of the lounge.


The Lounge

BCN miro vip lounge

The main seating area is subdivided into a number of smaller sections. The design is rather reminiscent of Swiss’ airplane cabins. I like how every seat has access to table space, light and power.

BCN miro vip lounge

I loved the amount of light but couldn’t help feeling that a little more greenery would have gone a long way to adding life to the room, whilst also serving to break the space up.

BCN miro vip lounge

In addition to the main seating area there was also a rather antiquated work setup…

BCN miro vip lounge

…and some open plan relaxation pods.

BCN miro vip lounge

There is also a quiet seating zone, which felt like it could have done with some softer lighting and perhaps some curtains to give it a more relaxing feel.

BCN miro vip lounge

I’ve got to hand it to this lounge, the seats are very large and very comfortable. You almost don’t need table space when the arms are this massive!


The Food options were not the best. Just a ton of carbs and nothing in the way of healthy greens or protein…or anything hot.

BCN miro vip lounge

If you’re out of healthy options you might as well embrace it and have a raspberry ripple ice cream cup, right? ?


I like that there were a variety of soft drinks available in take away format. Definitely a big plus before boarding any flight. Even when flying in First I always like to have extra bottles of water at hand.

Wine in Spanish lounges always tends to be quite good. Understandable given that for €6 you can get something very drinkable in the supermarkets here. I abstained on this occasion however, saving myself for the Krug onboard ?

BCN miro vip lounge

I was a bit disappointed to see a Nespresso machine, since decent coffee (much like wine) is usually a given in Spain.



Overall this lounge is a perfectly fine place to kill half an hour or so before a flight. There are enough seats for everybody and there is a wide variety of soft drinks on offer, as well as some decent wines.

On a longer layover it is great that sleep pods are offered, although the lack of any real privacy would personally bother me a bit.

The WiFi is quite annoying since you have to reconnect every 30 minutes, and the food offering is poor enough to drive you to the restaurants in the main terminal.

I would consider this as more of a refuelling station than a proper place to spend any length of time. For my purposes on this particular trip, that suited me just fine. I was more than happy to head to the gate a few minutes before the boarding time, ready to experience 11 hours in First Class with my favourite airline!

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