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REVIEW – Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi : Terrace Suite

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Rate: 800 AED per night (£150)
  • Room Type: Terrace Suite
    • upgrade from standard room using a Diamond Suite Upgrade
  • Chain: Hyatt
  • Loyalty Program: World of Hyatt
  • Status during stay: Diamond (Globalist)
  • Date: September 2016


Arrival and Check-in

The Park Hyatt is located on a prime stretch of white sand, alongside the St Regis, on Saadiyat Island. It is only 30 minutes from AUH or around 80 minutes from DXB airport. Although Abu Dhabi is a thriving metropolis, the beachfront area is a lot more sparse than Dubai and approaching the hotel it felt as if we were miles away from the nearest city. Quite a different feeling to the densely packed area of resorts, clustered around The Palm.

PH AUH Terrace suite-1
PH AUH Terrace suite-3
PH AUH Terrace suite-2
PH AUH Terrace suite-4
park hyatt abu dhabi entrance

The resort’s grounds are immaculately maintained and arriving here is an undeniably exciting experience. You can’t help but think to yourself, “if it looks this amazing on the outside, how unbelievable is the interior going to be?”

park hyatt abu dhabi reception

The minimalist chic of the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s reception

Checking in on my birthday, as a Hyatt Diamond member, I was hoping to get something a little nicer than the standard Park Suite which I was booked into. I flashed my nicest smile and mentioned that I’d noticed that a Park Terrace Suite was still available. “Surely you wouldn’t want a suite like that to stay empty on somebody’s birthday?” I said. The lady checking us in laughed and said she’d see what she could do.

After typing away for a few seconds she said she had upgraded us but only this once, since it was a special occasion.  ?

At this point we were introduced to Romal, a lovely man who was described to us as our butler but whom we only ever saw during check-in!

PH AUH Terrace suite-10
PH AUH Terrace suite-11
PH AUH Terrace suite-9

The cavernous ceilings and giant drapes in the public spaces are more than a little reminiscent of Qatar’s Al Safwa lounge. Everywhere you look there is tasteful lighting, designer furniture and even a constant supply of drinks and snacks in the lobby lounge!


The Room

park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite hallway

Romal escorted us to our suite on the 6th floor. I love that feeling of walking through a hotel, wondering how big your door will be or how far your room will be from your nearest neighbour. Seeing that there were no other rooms in this giant hallway, I was pretty sure that our suite was going to be epic…

park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

The main living space of the terrace suite is spectacular, I couldn’t believe how much space we were going to have to ourselves!

As you first enter the suite you come to the wet bar, complete with a Nespresso machine and our welcome amenity of red wine and mixed nuts.
PH AUH Terrace suite-25
PH AUH Terrace suite-26
PH AUH Terrace suite-22
PH AUH Terrace suite-23

The hotel also left me a beautiful birthday cake but unfortunately I think it had been sitting out for quite some time as it tasted and smelled strongly of egg. I called to let the front desk know, in case this was an issue that would impact other cakes made that day. The person I spoke to on the phone didn’t seem too concerned though, it seemed like she didn’t really understand what the problem was.

PH AUH Terrace suite-29
PH AUH Terrace suite-30
PH AUH Terrace suite-31
park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

A GoPro shot really helps to illustrate the amount of light and space in the suite

park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

Continuing on from the living room you come to the very spacious and elegant bedroom

park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

I love how the bedside tables were designed to maximise storage space, as well as providing conveniently located power sockets.

park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

I also found the chaise longe to be particularly suitable as a venue for my nightly grape feedings.

At the far end of the bedroom is a long corridor, leading back to the wet bar. The cool thing about it is that it doubles up as a walk in wardrobe and dressing room and even comes with its own yoga mat.

PH AUH Terrace suite-38
PH AUH Terrace suite-40
PH AUH Terrace suite-39
park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

The bathroom is every bit as cavernous and luxurious as the rest of the suite.

A comfy bed is all well and good but real luxury to me is all about a bathroom with: a ton of space, natural materials, recessed lighting, a deep soaking tub, high powered shower, tons of towels and plentiful high-end toiletries.

PH AUH Terrace suite-64
PH AUH Terrace suite-65
PH AUH Terrace suite-67

The Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi stocks its rooms with Le Labo toiletries, more or less the brand standard for PH Hotels. Personally I think Le Labo smells great but the toiletries are more thin and watery than my favourite Aesop products.

PH AUH Terrace suite-68
PH AUH Terrace suite-69
PH AUH Terrace suite-66
park hyatt abu dhabi terrace suite review

The defining feature of the suite is the enormous terrace that wraps around the living room and bedroom.

The wine that we were given was not the best but mixed with some ice, sprite, brandy and fruit it turned into a pretty passable sangria to enjoy on a hot day. I’m not going to lie, we felt like rockstars having such a huge space to ourselves, seeing the entire resort stretched out beneath us.

PH AUH Terrace suite-52
PH AUH Terrace suite-51
PH AUH Terrace suite-57
PH AUH Terrace suite-48

In the evenings we moved over to the area wrapping around the side of the living room, the perfect place from which to watch the sun slowly descend into the ocean.

PH AUH Terrace suite-56
PH AUH Terrace suite-58
PH AUH Terrace suite-61
PH AUH Terrace suite-55



A variety of dining options is ‘nice to have’ in a city hotel, whereas in a resort the quality of bars and restaurants on site is a lot more important. Let’s begin with the most important meal of the day…


Breakfast at The Café

park hyatt abu dhabi review breakfast

The Café is located next to the main pool and has a variety of indoor and outdoor seating. The large fans outside are a nice touch (and something of a necessity six months of the year)

park hyatt abu dhabi review breakfast

We opted to take a seat in the interior courtyard each morning.

park hyatt abu dhabi review breakfast

Inside things are a lot busier, although there are high ceilings, lots of natural light, air con and of course… easy access to the the food ?

Speaking of which, the food selection was fantastic, with a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and charcuterie; as well as a multitude of freshly baked goods.

PH AUH Terrace suite-77
PH AUH Terrace suite-79
PH AUH Terrace suite-76
PH AUH Terrace suite-81
Park hyatt abu dhabi breakfast review

Drinks were offered via table service but top ups for the juices were also available at the buffet.

 Drinks were offered via table service but top ups for the juices were also available at the buffet.

Hot food buffet and made to order eggs. I can’t help feeling that it would have been better to take orders and then deliver the eggs. Standing around in a huddle is not a particularly luxurious experience for the people waiting or others trying to make their way to the hot food.


Beach House

park hyatt abu dhabi beach house

Beach house is a casual restaurant, located on the edge of the Park Hyatt’s white sand beach.

We went for tapas there one night and found the service to be decent although the food was about as inauthentic as it gets. Prices ranged from 30-89 AED per dish.

PH AUH Terrace suite-97
PH AUH Terrace suite-101
PH AUH Terrace suite-102


The Library

PH AUH Terrace suite-84
PH AUH Terrace suite-85

The library is an all day tea and coffee lounge. It was very quiet throughout our stay. We didn’t have any food or drink here but the staff were lovely and always smiled and greeted us when we came through.


Hotel Facilities


The Pool

park haytt abu dhabi review pool

The hotel’s main pool is a real showstopper, drawing inspiration from the long pool at the Chedi Muscat, with the added benefit of providing shade over the plush loungers!

PH AUH Terrace suite-92
PH AUH Terrace suite-91
PH AUH Terrace suite-90

In case the main pool is too busy for your liking, there are also numerous, quieter, subsidiary pools available.


park haytt abu dhabi review pool

Staff were quick to bring out fresh towels and water, as well as clearing towels that had been left behind to ‘reserve’ sun loungers ?


PH AUH Terrace suite-93
PH AUH Terrace suite-94

At night the pools were beautifully illuminated, totally transforming the feel of the resort.

The Beach

I was blown away by the quality of the white sand beach at the bottom of the resort. The attendants were very proactive and there was plenty of space to spread out without feeling like you were on top of other guests. I really hadn’t been expecting white sand and turquoise water here.

PH AUH Terrace suite-104
PH AUH Terrace suite-103

The Gym

park haytt abu dhabi review gym

The gym is located within the hotel’s spa facility


PH AUH Terrace suite-110
PH AUH Terrace suite-111

The changing rooms are very dark and luxurious, with a distinct Arabic theme.


PH AUH Terrace suite-115
PH AUH Terrace suite-113
PH AUH Terrace suite-114
PH AUH Terrace suite-112

The gym has a great selection of machines and even features a small outdoor pool, walled away from the rest of the resort.



In terms of hard product this has to be one of the most expansive and impressive suites I’ve ever seen in any hotel. Considering that this suite retails for less than a night in a basic room in most London luxury hotels, it seems like an absolute steal. Even if you are unable to make use of complimentary upgrades, there is real value to be had here. I can’t imagine you’d get anything close for less than three times the price, an hour down the road in Dubai.


Make no mistake, this is a big resort and breakfast in particular can get a little hectic. Peace and quiet is very easy to find though. There are plenty of quiet nooks and alcoves to relax in and the quality of the white sand beach was an unexpected surprise.


The staff were very friendly and helpful, always stopping to say hello when crossing paths with a guest. Lunch in the Café was rather slow though and we did have a bit of miscommunication with regards to the cake in the room.


Still those are minor complaints in what was otherwise a fantastic stay. I can see the appeal of being in Dubai and certainly enjoyed our stay at the Park Hyatt there previously. However, for me this is a far more impressive resort with better hardware and far keener pricing. For a long weekend escape during the European winter months, the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is an ideal choice.
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