REVIEW – Cathay Pacific : First Class Lounge, London Heathrow T3 (post-refurb)
December 8, 2016
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December 19, 2016

REVIEW – Cathay Pacific : Business Class Lounge, London Heathrow T3 (post-refurb)

Cathay Pacific (CX)

  • Location: London Heathrow (LHR) – Terminal 3
  • Class: Business
  • Access:
    • OneWorld First and Business Class ticket holders
    • OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald cardholders
  • Date: December 2016

After a fantastic visit to the First Class lounge, we decided to make our way back outside and onwards to the equally impressive Business Class facility.



The bathrooms are immediately outside the First Class lounge and are shared between First and Business class passengers


The brass fittings and natural stone countertops are very impressive. One small issue though, the paper towels are rough and cheap feeling. When you pick one up, twenty moe follow it. I would hope that over time these will be upgraded to either better paper towels or to proper cotton ones


What is most impressive is that Business Class customers are given highly exclusive Aesop amenities to use (my favourite!)


Moving on from the bathrooms we made our way to the bright and expansive entrance to the Business Class lounge


I like how the seating has been arranged into a series of private cubicles (reminiscent of places like Din Tai Fung. When this place is full, you’ll still be able to retain a decent amount of privacy.


The noodle bar is very sleek looking and dominates this section of the lounge with its signature Cathay green colour.


Front row seats 🙂


When I started taking detail pics, the lounge manager Paul came over to introduce himself and gave me a tour of the rest of the facility. I love how every bit of lighting in these lounges, is considered and elegant looking.


After The Noodle Bar, you come to The Pantry with its expansive communal dining table, reminiscent of countless hipster coffee shops in London and New York.


I guess they made the seating here deliberately uncomfortable to stop people from gathering for too long!


A selection of bakery items, covered to prevent people coughing on them – more lounges and buffets in general should do this!


Very similar to the options in the F Lounge


There was one hot option available: a vegetable quiche


Fresh juices, salad and fruit salad. When I come to this lounge, if I’m unhealthy at least it was my choice!


Fresh fruit and a variety of main courses


Pan fried salmon and a soup


The lids were quite difficult to keep open. A lounge attendant helped me by quickly lifting them all and then running to the side. Thanks!


Again, some healthy but delicious options.


An array of chilled options, including a wheel of camembert!


I was particularly impressed with this seating area, up against the divider of The Pantry. How nice does this look? I actually did a double take, looking through my pictures, thinking that an F lounge photo had made it’s way into my shots from the J lounge!


Moving on from The Pantry you come to the fully staffed bar, offering a variety of Cathay signature cocktails as well as Moët champagne


At the end of the bar is this little nook offering hot and cold soft drinks as well as flight information


Continuing down the lounge you come to another regular seating area (right) and the latest iteration of the solus chairs to the left. This image really highlights how much natural light this lounge has too.


Another shot of the final seating area, after the bar.


GoPro version: Once again is is really nice to see so many power ports, muted lighting and plants. The variety of furniture really makes a difference too. It just doesn’t feel like a waiting area, in the way that so many other lounges do.


I am a big fan of these new Solus chairs, gone is the hard plastic shell – replaced by a wider, softer and more comfortable seat, replete with elegant brass fixtures.


To anybody from Cathay is reading this: if you have any spares lying around I will gladly take one off of your hands! 😀


Finally, at the far end of the lounge you come to an office area featuring three iMacs, in a wooden walled room, reminiscent of an old library.


After my tour of the J lounge I headed back outside and quickly popped over to see the showers (these are at the end of the hallway, by the bathrooms). You are greeted at the reception desk and escorted to a shower room by the attendants. There is a ‘menu’ of extra amenities on the reception desk.


I love stone clad shower rooms


I really like how the theme of using brass for all the fixtures is continued in the shower rooms. Also nice to see an option between handheld and rainfall shower heads.


Just like being at the spa in the Park Hyatt Tokyo


For those that are interested in what the hairdryer looks like…


So much Aesop stuff!


Plenty of counter space to spread your things out.




This has to be one of the very nicest Business Class lounges in the world. It is borderline ridiculous how good the facilities are. The metal topped bar, numerous types of designer furniture, extensive freshly cooked and pre-made items of food and an abundance of natural light, really make for a spectacular experience.

Looking back over this report I can even imagine leaving home early just to shower here, rather than getting showered back home! Every aspect of this lounge is fantastic. Literally the only thing that I can point to as a disappointment is the quality of the paper towels in the bathrooms. That’s it! Everything else is absolutely next level.

Given a choice of using the BA F lounges in Terminals 5 or 3, or using this CX Business class facility, there is no contest. BA have been well and truly humiliated in their home base.



  1. Veronica (@veronichan) says:

    The business class lounge beats so many lounges…love the Aesop toiletries, they all smell heavenly. Also want the hairdryer and NEED those cubby chairs, a pair would be nice!

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