REVIEW – Villa Bulung Daya, Tabanan (Bali)
October 19, 2016
The definitive guide to Food, Culture and Nature in Ubud, Bali (October 2015)
October 19, 2016

REVIEW – Villa Amrita, Ubud (Bali)

After our amazingly good stay at Bulung Daya, we enjoyed Gusti the villa manager’s company for a couple of hours longer, as he drove us inland to the jungle town of Ubud.

I picked a villa with a very impressive website including a full 3D tour and drone videos of the villa’s remote setting in the jungle. People don’t just build holiday homes in Bali, the island seems to draw people who want to express themselves artistically. The natural landscape is so beautiful, the cost of labour and materials so cheap and the art of such a high standard that building a dream home here is within the reach of a lot of people. It is something that I’d love to do myself one day.

Although this villa also had staff, they were definitely more hands off than at Bulung Daya. Ayu and Gecko were both really friendly and helpful people though and helped to make our stay very comfortable.

Villa Amrita is set amongst rice terraces at the end of a single lane road. Although we didn’t have a traditional welcome ceremony, the local ducks were out in force and belted out a very boisterous greeting.
Past the dark wooden entry gate was a large outdoor bale, set on a beautifully kept lawn, surrounded by tropical, jungle foliage.

You enter the villa itself via the kitchen and dining area. We were given freshly squeezed watermelon juice upon arrival. My favourite!

The owner had a hell of a setup although there were way too many remotes, receivers and amplifiers to be able to figure it all out. The staff seemed a little perplexed too Unfortunately the wifi connection was also very patchy.

Although wifi wasn’t exactly our chief concern with this amazing pool to relax in

Much like Bulung Daya, Villa Amrita has entirely separate wings for each bedroom, that way groups travelling together can still enjoy privacy.

I really liked how high the ceilings were here, they added a great dramatic touch to the bedrooms. Unfortunately though, this bedroom is right by the field where the ducks were. The field is also home to a lot of roosters who start crowing at 2am and do not stop until 8am, even with earplugs in we had trouble sleeping.

Leading on from the bedroom was a dressing area with plenty of storage space (as well as a cupboard containing some basic weights and yoga mats)

Our bathroom featured a real showstopper of a jacuzzi bath

As is the case in many Balinese villas, particularly in Ubud, the bathrooms are all open air. It takes a little getting used to, seeing geckos on the wall of the shower but it is a great feeling, showering under the rainfall head with the sun beaming down on you.

Twin vanities to match the twin showers and double jacuzzi

Mr and Mrs R’s bedroom was in the wing on the other side of the pool.

Just before reaching their wing there was an extra twin bedroom, which we didn’t make use of.

The twin room also had its own outdoor bathroom

Buddha keeps watch between the second and third bedrooms

Mr and Mrs R’s room was very similar to our own, although it had a slightly brighter colour scheme.

Their bathroom was very similar to the one in the twin room. Villa Amrita even had its own branded amenities, I told you that villa owners go all out in Bali!

We only stayed for a couple of nights and had most of our meals outside of the house. The breakfast was ok but not great. Nasi goreng is K’s absolute favourite and she was a little disappointed with this one. The freshly squeezed lime and watermelon juices were fantastic though.

Because a stay in Ubud involves a lot more eating out and exploration of the nearby area, this was far more of a ‘usual’ hotel-style stay (albeit one in a spectacular setting with private staff and pool facilities). We disappeared at around 10am and made it back just before sunset both days. This meant we were able to enjoy the pool for a quick morning dip…

…As well as using it as our venue for some sundowners, after a day spent exploring.

The view over the edge of the pool

However most of the time we were on our way out…

…because the allure of life outside the villa was so strong

Total cost $400 for 4 people, per night – including breakfast and roundtrip private transfer into Ubud centre each day.


Villa Amrita

  • Location: Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
  • Chain: Private Villa
  • Date: October 2015

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