REVIEW – Conrad Dublin
October 15, 2016
REVIEW – British Airways : Club Europe (Business Class) – Dublin to London Heathrow (A319)
October 15, 2016

REVIEW – Dublin Airport Executive Lounge, DUB (BA)

Our check out from the Conrad was fairly uneventful. Given our early departure time we didn’t have a chance to sample the breakfast. We waited a couple of minutes for an Uber and within 15 minutes we were at DUB.

At check-in we asked for yellow tags (F) but the agent seemed oblivious to their existence, he said he only had orange priority tags and that was all that BA ever provided. In my experience BA doesn’t tend to enforce the priority tags too much anyway, so I wasn’t overly bothered.

I was however very happy that we had fast track access, the regular queues were insane. It still never gets old seeing enormous clusterfucks of people next to you and just being able to walk past them into a peaceful and welcoming screening area.


BA Lounge DUB

The BA lounge at DUB is a contract lounge shared by various airlines. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the overall offering. The lounge dragon was really friendly and welcoming; the decor was varied, modern and clean and there was a large selection of food and drink available.

This coffee machine plays classical music as it prepares your caffeine fix! (just like the one at the AC Lounge in FRA)

After a quick 15 minutes in the lounge we made our way to the gate, where boarding was already in progress.

Third Party

  • Location: Dublin (DUB)
  • Class: Third Party Lounge
  • Access:
    • Oneworld Business and First Class passengers
    • OneWorld Sappphire and Emerald cardholders
    • Priority Pass cardholders
    • Pay to access: €19.95 per person (3 hours max)
  • Date: August 2015

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