Monkey Forest, Ubud (October 2014)
August 25, 2016
REVIEW – Alila Villas Uluwatu (Sunrise to Departure)
August 25, 2016

REVIEW – Alila Villas Uluwatu (Arrival to Nightfall)

Alila Villas

  • Location: Uluwatu – Bali
  • Chain: Alila
  • Loyalty Program: GHA Discovery
  • Room Type: 4th Floor Villa
  • Date: October 2014

The Arrival

The drive from Ubud to Uluwatu took around 1.5 hours, passing the airport and continuing to the far southern cliffs of Bali.

Alila Villas Uluwatu are quite well hidden, seeing the sign from the road you'd have no idea that a resort of this calibre was hidden at the end of the narrow, twisting road.

Before we could enter the resort we were stopped at a fortified guard post where we were asked for the details of our reservation. Once we were given the all clear we began to wind through the magnificent resort grounds.

Alila Villas Uluwatu is extremely proud of its green credentials. Natural, locally sourced materials are used throughout

The art gallery and yoga pavilion

Waiting area by the main lobby, for use in the highly unlikely event that you should have to wait for a buggy

We were greeted as we stepped out of the vehicle and our bags were taken from us. We were then asked to take a seat in the 'lobby'. Nothing can quite prepare you for how absolutely spectacular the view is.

The lobby area was intentionally designed to take your breath away. I never managed to take a daytime shot here so instead, here's a professional shot from Alila.

As we sat listening to our hosts explanation of the facilities we began to notice some of the small details that were going to set this stay apart.

Ice cold drinks, the glasses thick with condensation and endless scented moist towels... ahhh Asia.

Throughout the resort small plinths and trays are set up with a selection of amenities on them. These include mosquito repellent, sun cream, moisturiser and a facial mist spray.

These are also available in the villas and even at the restaurant tables. Alila has obviously noticed that guests use these items a lot and decided to ready them for us, so that we wouldn't even need to ask.

After the intro we were escorted to a buggy, waiting to take us to our villa.

The Villa

A week or so before our stay I contacted the reservations department to request a villa on the fourth "floor". I had done some research online and had seen a couple of places mention that since we would be taking buggies down to the main resort anyway, we should aim for the most privacy and best view. Our villa : 408, did not disappoint.

The villa came with an iPad for accessing resort and activity info as well as ordering room, service, browsing the web and streaming movies to the TV

Beats the hell out of a Nespresso machine!

As part of the ecological ethos of the resort, Alila water was replenished in reusable bottles rather than disposable plastic

How's that for a view? The roofs of the villas below can be seen, covered in volcanic rock and plants. All very eco-friendly.

The cage was a great place to seek shade from the midday sun, whilst reading a book

I love how all of the lounging areas at Alila Uluwatu are thick and waterproof. You could just casually move from one to another, drifting to sleep without worrying about wet swimwear

An amazing, deep soaking tub

The leather drawer under the tub was filled with the same amenities found in the lobby and restaurants

The indoor shower

"Her" amenities

"His" amenities

When I went to unpack I noticed that my suitcase now had a beautiful Alila Villas Uluwatu luggage tag attached.

They think of everything! Fans, a mat and a woven beach bag

Beach hat and two different dressing gown types per person.

Towel style dressing gown for lounging around the pool

Lightweight gown for lounging in the room

Past the dressing area and sinks we come to the outdoor shower

The shower area was cool and shady most of the day, perfect for escaping the heat

The small pool and windows sit directly behind the bed

In a word the Villas at Alila Uluwatu are magnificent. There is an abundance of space and every whim and desire is catered to. The furniture is robust and heavy. The layout of the villas puts you directly in touch with the elements. During the day the windows and doors can all be fully opened to effectively turn the villa into an open air space, allowing the cliffside breeze to gently cool you.


Bali is an island famed for its magical sunsets and Alila in particular is renowned for its spectacular Sunset Cabana. After spending a couple of hours enjoying the villa, that's exactly where we headed.

The Sunset Cabana was being prepared for evening service after hosting a wedding

The best view of the sunset is obtained by sitting right at the end of the Sunset Cabana. We headed down early to make sure we got a great spot. Seriously, can you imagine having anywhere better to be?

I absolutely love that giant illuminated sculpture in the centre of the frame

Night Falls

As the deep amber sun plotted its inevitable course into the Indian Ocean, darkness descended over Alila Villas Uluwatu. All of a sudden we were in an enchanting illuminated world, recessed lighting and candles casting mysterious shadows through the cracks of wooden cages. The pool was resplendent with turquoise light and all the while the ocean roared gently below.

The Library
One of my favourite places in the resort was the library. I believe this room was planned from the very beginning, a nod to Alila's roots in Aman hotels.

The design of the room makes it completely relaxing and inspirational. There are so many juxtaposing elements all complementing each other phenomenally. Light/ dark, soft/ hard, natural, man-made, smooth/ rough ; every element works perfectly.

During the daytime the pool was more compelling but at night the library really came into its own.


Alila Uluwatu has two restaurants. A European establishment named Cire and the more casual, locally flavoured, Warung (Indonesian for restaurant). In my pre-stay reading I kept hearing that Warung offered better food and better prices. After trying it on the first night we were never tempted to veer "across the pool"!

Service was very personal, all of our preferences were noted on the first evening and then subsequently remembered by the servers throughout our stay.

For our first dinner we took a seat by the magnificent driftwood sculpture and enjoyed one of the tasting menus.

The box in the centre contains all of the 'usual' amenities. Facial mist, mosquito repellent, moisturiser etc.

The amenities

This wondrous monstrosity is the 'bread'. Two different types of prawn cracker with a huge variety of pickles, chillies, ketcap manis, coconut and shallots.

A grill to keep our satay warm

A fantastically spicy and rich soup

I still frequently reminisce about the grilled duck. At once entirely crispy and perfectly moist, as spectacular a piece of meat as I've ever had. We ordered it at every meal and fully intend to do so when we return!

An expertly crafted double macchiato to finish

The Gym

We visited the gym on our second night and in our entire time at Alila we never saw another guest use it. For me it had become a necessary tool to stimulate hunger after almost 10 solid days of overeating !

The showers were open walled and faced a high walled moat/lake replete with reeds. Showering here was a unique experience, bested only by....

Loo with a view.

The gym had an impressive selection of LifeFitness cable machines as well as a treadmill, recumbent bike and elliptical.

Fresh water and towels

Your intrepid explorer

The gym had absolutely everything you need except for one thing. After our workout, K came out with her hair dripping wet.

"They don't have a hairdryer", she said.

I told her not to worry, I had an idea.
We headed next door to the spa and mentioned our surprise at the fact that there was no hairdryer. The spa staff were massively apologetic (despite this probably being completely out of their control) and immediately ushered K through to a treatment pavilion where she could dry her hair.

Meanwhile I sat in the beautifully appointed waiting area.

I would have happily sat there minding my own business but the staff went above and beyond, they wanted to make sure that my five minute wait was comfortable. I was immediately offered a delicious iced ginger and lemon tea, which I enjoyed sipping on listening to the spa music and watching the reeds gently blowing back and forth.

The Villa at Night
We tried to walk as much as possible, rather than taking a buggy. At night the illuminated stairs made for a secluded and romantic wander back to our villa.

At night the interior of the villa is reconfigured by the darkness, just as the common areas of the resort are.

With the nightly turndown service came bookmarks, lip balm and a lavender pillow spray as well as fresh bottles of Alila water

One of my favourite activities, sitting outside and reading a book on a warm evening, periodically looking up to see the sparkling stars above

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